About This Site

BookmakerList.com is the most in-depth and accurate bookmaker directory online.

Our Mission

The mission we have at BookmakerList.com is to provide unbiased information about betting sites based on our own research and players feedback. Over the coming months, we’ll build a community where betting enthusiasts will be able to discuss their experiences with bookmakers, share their opinions and discover new betting sites. Our aim is to become the leading destination for bookmaker ratings and bookmaker reviews, educating and informing players and operators alike.

When you are betting online, deciding which bookmaker to bet with can be a bit of a headache. Online gambling sites overwhelms you with flashy appearances. Bookmaker review and ratings sites all claim to be able to recommend you the best betting sites.

In an era of information overload and fake news, who do you believe?

BookmakerList.com has taken the guesswork out of the bookmaker rating process and created the BML Rank, a single score between 1 and 100 that’s the result of an algorithm taking in consideration dozens of different criteria, including information gathered from players and industry experts.

The result of the application of the Continuous Improvement method, the BML Rank will be constantly refined as part of BookmakerList.com’s ongoing effort to make the bookmaker ratings on BML more efficient, robust, comprehensive and unbiased.

Remember to check BookmakerList.com and the BML Rank before you open betting account!

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