Guide to the BML Ratings

As part of our mission to become the leading online source for accurate and unbiased bookmaker ratings, Bookmaker List aims to empower online bettors with a rating methodology that effectively helps them selecting the best bookmakers to bet with.

The result of years of research to create a rating process that transcends the classic cover-all 5-1 or A-F rating systems, the BML rating methodology uses separate rating categories for player experience, funds safety, public information and player feedback, while also creating recommendations for player typologies normalized across different regional markets.

Does all this sound complicated? It actually is, but bear with us and it will soon start to make sense.

Rating categories on BML include:

Player Experience Rating, with values ranging from Above Average to Below Average, each one representing the expected level of experience players will have interacting and betting with a bookmaker.

Funds Safety Rating, with values ranging from Likely Safe to Unsafe, the goal here is to indicate what are the chances that player funds are at risk.

Web Rank, a 0-100 score that’s the result of an algorithm taking in consideration public information available on the web, including how much traffic a bookmaker site receives, the domain name authority and server location.

Recommended For, a rating category that could easily stand on its own to indicate what type of players (Recreational, Professional, Arber, Bonus Hunter) will benefit the most from betting with a bookmaker.

Lastly the BML Rank, which is also a 0-100 score, resulting from the application of a mathematical model that takes in consideration all the previous rating categories in combination with dozens of other criteria, including all the information that we collected as part of the review process and that, in our opinion, is relevant for assessing a bookmaker.

Each of these Ratings can be viewed on the bookmaker review page under Details and can be either used alone or in combination with the rest.

You can learn more about each rating category by visiting the respective page or checking the ratings faqs.

As all bookmakers are treated equally on Bookmaker List and they can’t pay to change the ratings, we believe that when used correctly, the BML Ratings will help players make informed and educated decisions when choosing a bookmaker to bet with.

Ratings Disclaimer
It’s very important that players understand that the BML ratings are not a guarantee of a bookmaker’s reliability or performance. We encourage players to use the BML Ratings in conjunction with other information about a bookmaker available on the web and in particular to consult recent player reviews on active betting forums. Due to the possibility of human or mechanical error as well as other factors, the BML Ratings are provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, express or implied. The Ratings may be changed, suspended or withdrawn at any time, for any reason, at the sole discretion of Bookmaker List. We take no responsibility for damages caused as a result of changes or unavailability of the ratings.

Use of the Ratings
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