Website FAQs

What is Bookmaker List?
Bookmaker List is a directory of online bookmakers and other betting sites that helps online players make informed decisions when choosing a bookmaker to bet with.

What does “BETA” next to the site name mean?
The team behind believes in the “release early, release often” philosophy, hence “BETA” means Bookmaker List was launched early and will be continuously improved
over the coming months with the help and feedback of betting players.

Who is behind Bookmaker List?
The site is owned by Internet Destinations Ltd, a UK company co-founded by Pierluigi Buccioli, who in is 20 years in the online betting industry created Bookmakers Review (BMR), BMR Green, Orange and Red Lists, the BMR rating system and methodology and also helped players recover hundreds of thousands in disputed player winnings.

How is Bookmaker List different from other bookmaker review sites?
Bookmaker review sites typically promise players to present them only with the safest and best online bookmakers, but for one reason or another they all fall short of that. spent the last 2 years collecting data about online bookmakers and creating an algorithm that evaluates it taking dozens of different criteria into consideration before deriving an unbiased number, ie the BML Rank.
On Bookmaker List players can sort through the wealth of information using the unbiased BML rank and/or combine any number of the 70 filters available for each bookmaker with the guarantee that bookmakers cannot buy into any of them to affect the order the list is shown.

Why do I need to pay for information that is likely to be available for free on other bookmaker rating sites?
Top 100 Bookmakers, as the name suggests, offers information only on the top 100 bookmakers, calculated in terms of website traffic as reported by Alexa. Sportsbook Review is only concerned about 30-40 US-facing bookies and a handful of European ones.
Bookmakers Review is nowadays become a betting news site and its ratings have not been updated in years. Other sports betting review sites are, in our opinion, not even worth being mentioned.

Certainly you can find most of the information available on searching sports betting forums and other sites, if you are so inclined (and have lots of time).
If you are a punter who spends money on tips, tools and services telling you what to bet on, why wouldn’t you want to spend £5 or £10 per month to know the best bookmakers to bet with?

How does Bookmaker List make money?
Bookmaker List makes money from premium membership fees and from affiliate marketing and the money we make enables us to maintain the website and continue to update it daily with new bookmakers and new information.

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